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into ONE Highly Profitable - Exquisitely Aligned Signature Offer 

that your perfect-fit clients need ...and you adore!

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:: I feel like I’m caught in an ENDLESS CYCLE. I start, and then I stop. I get OVER-THE-MOON EXCITED in one moment, and in the next I QUESTION EVERYTHING.  

:: I KNOW I have something incredible to offer, but I can’t figure out how to bring it all together into that one, cohesive thing.  

:: I’ve been in business for a while, I’ve tried so many things but they just don’t quite seem to hit the mark. I’m making some money but not experiencing the desired, sustainable, predictable profit I so desire.

:: Sometimes I think that I’M JUST NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS gig. I question if I can ever create a profitable and sustainable business without losing the heart of me. 

:: I want to serve ALL THE PEOPLE, but I end up overwhelmed and pulling back, ultimately making less of an impact than I desire.  

If you're nodding yes to ANY of the above statements, you’re in the right place.  

I know the seemingly endless questions following you around, desperate for answers (I’ve been there!)  

WHAT do I do with all these ideas?

HOW do I connect with the people I want to serve?

WHICH of my countless options is the most viable to create predictable profit?

IF I choose one idea, do I have to sacrifice all the others? (they ALL feel important, dammit!)

You long for an ANSWER on how to take all the BEAUTY and all the IDEAS and all the PASSION (and all that endless chaos) and swirl it down into one exquisitely aligned Signature Offer that your perfect-fit clients need ...and you adore!.  

My Signature Offer DeCoder workbook & bonus audio buddy is that answer

Built for MutiPassionates by a MultiPassionate

The DeCoder: Identifies your prodigy space (ZONE) Laser focuses in on your ideal niche (PEOPLE) Gets right to the heart on how you can serve them, right now (NEED)  

You'll clear through the chaos, simplify your marketing and feel that confidence that comes when you KNOW you’ve finally found the one thing that will pave your way to creating the highly prosperous business you know is possible.

What are you waiting for?  

Hélène has a way of breaking through the chaos in my brain and lining things up *just right* so that I can not only see the path ahead but follow the breadcrumbs she has laid and actually reach my destination.  

As someone who loves to do ALL THE THINGS (i.e., a multipassionate entrepreneur) I struggle mightily to calm the swirling spin of ideas and settle on a course of action.  

Hélène's Signature Offer Decoder is the perfect anecdote, guiding me back to the path and helping me take one step at a time - isolating the one thing that makes the most sense from the countless possibilities and helping me see the idea through to completion.  

Jeanette LeBlanc ~ Writer, Content Strategist and all-around-muse

“I'd been struggling, trying to think of one way to serve everyone. The Signature Offer DeCoder helped me dump that whole premise and shed the Shoulds that I didn't even know were keeping me stuck. Now I have one really exciting, fun, aligned offer to test. I’m going for it. It's going to be a blast!”

AJ Frenzel ~ The MoneyDoula

“Once again Hélène has worked her magic. I was able to get so much clearer about the way I want to work and the people I want to work with. Clearing away the junk of how I’ve always done things, or how others say it should be done, I was able to get to the heart of the way I really love to work. This allowed me to play with possibilities and get excited about my future business.”

Jill Secker ~ Emerge Supervision - Wellbeing in Practice