"The DeCoder process is like like KonMari for my ideas, I love it!" Dan Zehner, host of The Anthem of the Adventurer podcast

DeCode All.Your.Ideas 

into one Highly Profitable - Exquisitely Aligned Signature Offer 

that your perfect-fit clients need ...and you adore!

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As someone who loves to do ALL THE THINGS (i.e., a multipassionate entrepreneur) I struggle mightily to calm the swirling spin of ideas and settle on a course of action.  

Hélène's Signature Offer Decoder is the perfect anecdote, guiding me back to the path and helping me take one step at a time - isolating the one thing that makes the most sense from the countless possibilities and helping me see the idea through to completion.  

Jeanette LeBlanc Writer, Content Strategist and all-around-muse

If there is one free workbook to complete it’s the Signature Offer DeCoder. I have filled out numerous workbooks (and I hate to fill out workbooks!). 

Hélène leads you through with friendliness and compassion. She targets the heart as well as the mind making it easier to come up with your answers. Not an offer to skip! “  

Monicka Clio Sakki Creative Mindset Coach  

Not sure if the DeCoder is for you? here's a barometer test... 

:: I feel like I’m caught in an ENDLESS CYCLE. I start, and then I stop. I get OVER-THE-MOON EXCITED in one moment, and in the next I QUESTION EVERYTHING.  

:: I KNOW I have something incredible to offer, but I can’t figure out how to bring it all together into that one, cohesive thing.  

:: I’ve been in business for a while, I’ve tried so many things but they just don’t quite seem to hit the mark. I’m making some money but not experiencing the desired, sustainable, predictable profit I so desire.

:: I want to serve ALL THE PEOPLE, but I end up overwhelmed and pulling back, ultimately making less of an impact than I desire.  

If you're nodding yes to ANY of the above statements, you’re in the right place.  

I know the seemingly endless questions following you around, desperate for answers (I’ve been there!)  

WHAT do I do with all these ideas?

HOW do I connect with the people I want to serve?

WHICH of my countless options is the most viable to create predictable profit?

IF I choose one idea, do I have to sacrifice all the others? (they ALL feel important!)

You long for an ANSWER on how to take all the IDEAS and all the PASSION and swirl it down into one exquisitely aligned Signature Offer that your perfect-fit clients need ...and you adore!.  

My Signature Offer DeCoder workbook & bonus audio buddy is that answer 

The DeCoder: Identifies your prodigy space (ZONE) Laser focuses in on your ideal niche (PEOPLE) Gets right to the heart on how you can serve them, right now (NEED)  

"This DeCoder Workbook and Audio Buddy are simply amazing! I've been chasing my tail around for about 2 years trying to figure out how to "package" me. 

I gained so much from the DeCoder exercise. It's incredible and super easy to put into action steps..... even ridiculously fun."  

~ Sandy Combs Martin  

Hélène’s DeCoder is amazing and a value-rich process if you're struggling with getting your mind, arms and soul around your signature offer. Her workbook and guided audio is the perfect combination, full of spot-on advice and support that will get you unstuck because Hélène just gets who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. 

Terri Peña MD MBA IFMCP Integrative Functional Medicine Physician  

If, like me, you've been far too long overwhelmed by which of your gifts, passions, talents and skills you should include and which you should leave out when it comes to creating your Offers that will best communicate your value and expertise to your potential clients — you're in the right spot. In her Signature Offer Decoder, Hélène is like Hansel, of Hansel and Gretel – she lays out an easy to follow trail that leads us home to clarity!

What I found most surprising was the ease in which I was able to walk myself through the process. Step by step... what I hadn't been able to make sense of on my own... suddenly became clear. (* psst – without revealing too much of Helene's brilliant process... let me just say that the "Should Do - Release the Shackles" section is a game changer)  

Kathleen Mulligan coach consultant & catalyst to highly committed women  

The companion audio was an incredible value add to the workbook. I’ve done a bunch of similar exercises and this one stood out and loved the “Your Zone” steps leading up to the niche work.  

I also love how you brought it together with the breakdown in your signature offer section of putting all the work together to build the offer. 

Crystal Berg Business Manager

Once again Hélène has worked her magic. I was able to get so much clearer about the way I want to work and the people I want to work with. Clearing away the junk of how I’ve always done things, or how others say it should be done, I was able to get to the heart of the way I really love to work. This allowed me to play with possibilities and get excited about the future of my business.

Jill Secker, Emerge Supervision - Wellbeing in Practice  

I've opened so many PDFs and never made it past the second page, having Hélène’s voice and energy guiding me the whole way through with the audio companion was priceless in terms of the support and motivation. The whole experience felt much more enjoyable and compelling than these kinds of exercises usually feel.”

Eloise Meskanen - Astrology Mentor for Transformational Leaders  

“I'd been struggling, trying to think of one way to serve everyone. The Signature Offer DeCoder helped me dump that whole premise and shed the Shoulds that I didn't even know were keeping me stuck. Now I have one really exciting, fun, aligned offer to test. I’m going for it. It's going to be a blast!”  

AJ Frenzel ~ The MoneyDoula